Bakersfield 99s

Scholarship Program

The Bakersfield Chapter of The Ninety-Nines International Organization of women pilots is offering two $1000 scholarships for student pilot training, one $1000 scholarship for an advanced rating, two $500 Flight Review scholarships and two $500 additional endorsement scholarships to local women.


Who Can Apply?

The student pilot scholarships are available to motivated women student pilots, over the age of 17, with at least 10 flight hours within the last 90 days of the scholarship deadline. The Flight Review and additional endorsement scholarships are available to motivated women licensed pilots seeking an additional endorsement or flight review. The additional rating scholarships are available to women licensed pilots with a strong desire to be a part of aviation with the goal of earning an advanced rating (Instrument, Multi-engine, Commercial, CFI or ATP). Advanced rating applicants must have 10 hours of logged instruction within the last 90 days of the scholarship deadline.

All applicants must have a current FAA medical certificate appropriate to the license, rating or privilege sought. All training must occur at one of the Bakersfield area airports (BFL, L45, L17 or MIT).

How is the Scholarship Paid?

The scholarship for student pilot or an advanced rating is awarded incrementally as the pilot completes various "milestones" of her training. Such as passing the written exam, solo etc.. Payments of the scholarship are applied directly to the student pilots flight school account or CFI not affiliated with any local school.

FAA EXAM $250.00 - SOLO Long CROSS COUNTRY $250.00 - FAA CHECK RIDE (pass) $500.00

How and When Do I Apply?

Print the application below and send it to the address on the application. Deadline for receiving the application is March 23, 2015.


Email: JJ Shapiro, Scholarship Chair at Hisgaljjs@aol.com

Requirements for the student pilot or advanced rating Scholarship are:

  1. A strong passion for aviation with a goal of earning a Private Pilot Certificate for fixed wing, helicopter or balloon.
  2. A commitment to work to complete this rating within one year of receiving the scholarship.
  3. A women in good physical health, at least 17 years of age. ( if under 18, written parental permission is required.)
  4. Possesses a valid FAA medical certificate appropriate to the license or rating sought.
  5. Lessons taken at any Bakersfield area airport. BFL, L45, L17 or MIT
  6. The ability to complete ground school and pass the FAA exam.
  7. Have logged 10 hours of certified flight time in aircraft (not including ground training) appropriate to the rating sought with CFI logbook entry within 90 days of the scholarship deadline.
  8. Submit a completed application form, personal essay, appropriate copies of log book and medical certificate to the scholarship committee on or before the deadline date.

Requirements for the Flight Review or additional endorsement Scholarships are:

  1. Be a motivated licensed pilot
  2. Possess a valid FAA medical certificate appropriate to the privilege sought.
  3. Submit a completed application form to the scholarship committe on or before the deadline date.
Notice: Previous Bakersfield 99 FWP/Student Pilot winners may not apply.
Scholarship Application

Name______________________________ Date____________________
City______________________________ State_____ Zip__________
Email______________________________ Age_____

Please attach a personal essay, of NO MORE THAN 250 WORDS, addressing each of the following topics.

Do you have a valid FAA Medical Certificate? Yes_____ No_____ Class_____
Are you training for a Sport License? Yes_____ No_____

Have you taken and passed the FAA written exam? Yes_____ No_____
Have you started taking lessons? Yes_____ No_____
If yes, what airport?_______ What school?_______________
Who is your instructor?_________________________

How much time monthly can you devote to learning to fly?_____________________
Total flight hours?_____ Flight hours flown in the past 90 days?_____
Have you soloed (student pilot)? Yes_____ No_____
Completed your long cross-country (student pilot)? Yes_____ No_____

The applications will be judged based on the applicant's:

Upon acceptance of this award, the Awardee will agree to, within the first 6 months, contribute an article to the Bakersfield 99s newsletter telling how the scholarship has assisted you in achieving your aviation goals.

Ninety-Nines Hold harmless Agreement for Scholarship Application
Neither the Bakersfield Chapter of The Ninety-Nines, Inc., the Southwest Section of The Ninety-Nines Inc., The Ninety-Nines Inc., nor their members, agents or representatives are responsible for the quality of any training received with this scholarship, or for any accident, incident, or any other event which may occur while the recipient of this scholarship is performing flight training or activities relating thereto. Recipient shall sign this Hold Harmless Agreement in favor of said entities upon receipt of the scholarship and before any flight is made.

____________________________________ ______________
Applicant Signature Date

Mail application, photocopy of valid FAA medical certificate, most recent logbook page, and your essay (student and advanced rating applicants) to:

J. J. Shapiro
Bakersfield 99s Scholarship Chair
11009 Danecroft Way
Bakersfield, CA 93311